Thursday, August 6, 2015

NASA Found An Alien Crab And They Don't Want You To Know

It's happened sheeple!  The discovery of a lifetime is right under your eyes and you missed it because of another devious government conspiracy.

They are among us.

That's right. NASA has discovered alien life, and they don't want you to know about it. Then, like the idiots they surely are, they accidentally—get this—THEN they accidentally posted a picture of it online. And then some people spotted it and called a rock a rock crab a crab. Hey everybody! Look! It’s a crab on Mars!

Stupid scientists, with their dumb science.

From the absolute sleuth geniuses at UFO Sightings Daily (a site that is desperately needed, since there are daily UFO sightings all over the place that need documentation):

This crab-like object was found in a Mars rover. Its unknown exactly who found it, but it is really interesting. It does appear alive. It may be a crab-like animal, or it also may be a plant. Tis object has many arms and one of them goes to the left of the picture a very long ways. That arm is longer than all others. Plant or animal it really doesn’t matter. The significance of this is that it shows signs that it is alive. That is everything, but not to NASA. Even if every person on Earth told them to turn the rover to the left and take a closer look at this object, NASA will reject it and say, “thats not part of our mission.”

UFO Sightings Daily reports it also spotted in this photo “another animal close to this crab, as well as a broken stone building.”  The dream is real people.  There are aliens, and James Cameron was right because they are definitely Face Huggers.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a rock. And a case of pareidolia. Nah, scratch that. Definitely a space crab.

Oh Internet, keep being you.

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