Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Marvel's Official Deadpool Trailer Is Here And Looks Excellent

You wanted it, you got it, motherfuckers! Sorry for the salty language, but this blood-soaked, full-length red band trailer for Deadpool has me feeling all giddy and inappropriate.  The "merc with a mouth" everyone's favorite antihero Wade Wilson is getting his own big screen treatment, and being played by the one actor who was born to portray a smart-assed super soldier good guy, who looks like a nightmare.

Ryan Reynolds teased us earlier this week in a luscious leather chair while holding a distinguished pipe and promised the meaty visual we’ve been salivating for since Comic-Con International would arrive by morning. But now it looks like the aforementioned chimichanga is being served ahead of schedule—if anything you’ve been waiting impatiently three weeks for can be considered early, that is! Deadpool is a Marvel creation, but this sure isn’t a Disney property.

From what I can gather it is the first time that Marvel has done an R-rated property since the old-school (but still just as kick-ass) Blade from 1998, long before the comic craze hit the world.  And if the trailer is any indication, they picked the right character to bring back all the nastiness that rating implies.

Fox wants you to know it’s got all that R-rated goodness you’ve been craving in a superhero movie, brought to you by the always mouthy and always game Ryan “The Ultimate Body” Reynolds. Sex, guns, massive head wounds, nudity, blood spatter, Salt-N-Pepa, katanas, Gina Carano and more are all here for your viewing pleasure. Between this and Suicide Squad, 2016 is going to be the breakout year for hard living antiheroes. It’s about damn time.

Check it out:

Yep. Sold.

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