Monday, August 17, 2015

How Much of George Miller's Original Vision Was In Fury Road?

16 years.  That's how long it took George Miller to finally get his latest masterpiece, this year's incredible Mad Max: Fury Road, onto the movie screen you hopefully (if you have any sense at all) saw it on multiple times already.  This movie was in development so long that the original lead had time to destroy his own career in the public eye.  It was in development so long that some people thought Miller had gotten to old to even direct movies anymore.

The term "development hell" seemingly was defined by the infamous inability to make this sequel, until of course it finally, miraculously, was produced.  Only to become one of the most incredible action films of all time.

However, the question is, in a landscape of film production where normal timelines of filming movies can see their product go through massive changes, how much of George Miller's vision for Fury Road actually was able to make it through this 16 year slog?

The answer appears to be “A lot.” The storm, the design of the cars, the chastity belts, the water distributing skull ... so much made it from this 1999 electro-board print-out, shared by film editor Will McCrabb on Twitter

Yep, Miller set off all those years ago to create the madcap, feminist, breathtaking thrillride pretty much just like you saw on the screen, and he succeeded.  Even when his original star aged (and revealed his racism) right on out of the role.  Amazing stuff.

Now it would be really cool if Tom Hardy's name was somehow in here somewhere.

Not just the look of things, even the sequences described in this storyboard are pretty much exactly as we saw this summer. Especially take note of what happens to Immortan Joe’s body in the very last sketch here. Although the Gynotopian Warriors were re-named, which to be honest is kind of a bummer.

If you need me, I'll be watching this movie again for the third time.

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