Sunday, August 30, 2015

FUNDAY: Turn Up To Save Lives

Story time.  This weekend I was tasked with delivering my brother to an upcoming internship.  This meant a roadtrip, of five hours to the middle of nowhere.  We got there fine and he was delivered.  Now, on the way home, that is when things turned south.

I got lost.  Middle of nowhere, no phone service, running low on gas lost.  The realest of lost.  It was what I would describe as gnarly.  Very much so.

Eventually I pulled over and found my way back to civilization, only to be hit with the inevitable "driving for 10 hours in one day" kind of tiredness that you get in such a situation.

So I had two choices.  Either pull off to the side of the road and take a nap, possibly to be interrupted by the cops.  Or power through.  I chose what pretty much everyone does for better or for worse, the latter.

Things were getting tough, and I for the first time in my driving life, thought I just might actually have to really pull over for a nap or risk something terrible happening.

So in desperation, I began perusing the satellite radio, trying desperately to find in the roughly 200+ stations, something that would keep me alert, keep me safe.  Somehow, in between sucking down caffeine with no abandon, and furiously hitting the skip button, I landed on LA's pop channel, which inexplicably had it's own satellite station.

Then it happened. Like an angel's call descending from the heavens, came a tune on the radio. This tune:

I was instantly what the youngin's these days like to call "turnt," or "lit" if you will.  This followed some rather furious car dancing and roof punching enjoyment for the duration.  In the process of which I woke up considerably, and was then easily able to make it back on home.

So what I am saying is, thank you The Weeknd.  You really helped a brother out.  And yes Los Angeles' Kiss 102.7, you really are the number one Pop station in the world.


Selena Gomez f/ASAP Rocky

Did not expect this one.  A Selena Gomez song that I not only like, but am not ashamed at all to turn the fuck up and jam to in public.  Part of this is admittedly Rocky, who can pretty much do no wrong.  But yeah, it is 2015, and here we are, and I very much enjoy a Selena Gomez song.  Does that say more about me, or her music?  Think about this.  I will be.

Justin Bieber

Did not plan for a JB/Selena Gomez pairing this week.  I am not that smart.  Anyway, Bieber is back with his first solo song in three years, and his continuing evolution from young punk to crossover adult star ala JT is going well.  Don't let me be the one to tell you people still want to hear his music, let the iTunes fastest number one song record he just made with this release speak for it.  Just proves that as long as you make quality music, people will learn to forgive and forget.  And they should.

Lana Del Rey

I know. I know.  Look, I get it. This woman is one of the most polarizing figures in modern popular music, and with good reason. Most of the time I feel a major disdain for her persona. But I beseech you.  If you could, just for a little while, say...a handful of minutes, look past all the bullshit, sometimes you can find stuff like this.  

The Neighbourhood 

Has The Neighbourhood been listening to a bunch of Miguel?  Sure sounds like it.

Young Thug f/Gucci Mane

Big Guwop La Flarre has been in jail now for over a year.  So how does he still keep dropping music?  And furthermore, how does his now year old shit still fit perfectly with the cocaine-slow blurry sound of today's weird ATL kings like Thugger?  It is a wonderful mystery, and I love it.

The Weeknd

How can I not give love to the man who probably saved my life when he has a new music video.  Especially when that video turns the year's biggest pop album into a Bret-Easton Ellis fever dream.  Awesome stuff.


We wil pop back in next week with more polarizing popstars.  See you then!

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