Sunday, August 9, 2015


Funday is for fun, but it is not above remembrance either.  This past week we lost a wonderful musician in the form of Sean P, a rapper, a father, and a larger than life person.

So while making it brief, let's celebrate the man, the wonderful music, and most of all the hilarity that would ensue almost any time he was filmed.  Like this:

RIP to M. Barz, RIP to Mic Tyson, and RIP to P.

Let's go.



I have honestly never seen anything like this pissing scene.  I am at once both disgusted and impressed.

Kendrick Lamar

After some incredibly serious affairs as far as visuals go, this time Kendrick just wants to be a bugged-out Mad Hatter.  That's cool with me, because he pretty much can do no wrong. 

Girl Band

If there was one theme for the tunes/visuals this week, it would have to be: Disturbing visuals.  This is through no curating of my own.  It just kinda happened that way, well, with the exception of Kendrick, nothing but joy there.

Autre Ne Veut 

Do yourself a favor, coming from someone who had to learn the hard way.  Enjoy this video and song, but make sure that you are completely alone and not at work when you do.  A little free advice to save you some very awkward moments.


Migos' enthusiasm and frequency by which they employ the phrase "pipe it up" in the song "Pipe It Up" is impressive. Perhaps this is the key to their massive success...


See ya.

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