Sunday, August 2, 2015

FUNDAY: Hot Roddin' To That Ring In The Sky

Funday is a place of happiness, a place of celebration.  Usually not reserved for sadness or despair.  So this week when I heard that another great person had died before his time, I knew that this week we would celebrate him.  That rather than bemoan another wrestler gone before his time, we would cheer him on to the big Piper's Pit in the sky.


R.I.P. Rowdy Roddy, you really were the coolest.  You were the badguy, but people loved to hear you talk.  You were Canadian, but you wore a kilt.  And above all, you gave us all this:

Say hello to Macho Man and Dusty for us all.


Post Malone

Drake, I know you are busy beefing with Meek and all, and you already said that you were done doing favors, but you need to get hip to this guy.  He is one of your features away from blowing up, and you don't strike me as the kind of guy who would pass up this opportunity to be the dude who put on another great artist.  Seriously, the guy has released like 5 songs now, and every single one is a BANGER.  Get on the train now.

Keith Ape f/ Waka Flocka Flame, Dumbfounded, Father & ASAP Ferg

When this past week began, I did not expect to find the most hard jam I have heard in a long time coming from a Korean rapper named Keith.  But it's 2015 in July and here we are.  One of the very few songs where the descriptor "Turnt!" is a perfect choice. I don't even know what "IT G MA" means, but I don't need to look it up to scream it out my car window while furiously punching the roof. This right here, this is magical. UNDERWATER SQUAD!

The Darkness

Welcome back guys.  For a while there it seemed like you were done forever, but you made it through and the music world is more fun for it all.  Full glam body suits with the deepest v-necks for everybody!


Here's how I think this video went down: "Well, we have a great falsetto pop-song.  What should we do for the video?  Hmm....How about we just put a bunch of cool stuff on a simple background and then shoot it? That sounds cool, right?"  Yes.  This is confirmed.  Cool.


Basically a sponsored demonstration of what that GoPro spherical camera can do for you.  It's still pretty cool though.

The Weeknd

One of the songs in the running for Song of The Summer finally gets a video, and to quote the man known as The Weeknd "and I love it, and I love it."  


That's it for this time everybody.  Now get out there and start bodyslamming that week ahead of you.  It's what ol' Hot Rod would've wanted.

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