Sunday, August 23, 2015

FUNDAY: Drinks On Us

Short on time this week, so let's just get into it.

Promise next time there will be a proper intro, or drinks are on us...


Mike Will Made It f/Swae Lee & Future

The producer with the stupidest name in music is once again proving that while he cannot choose a good pseudonym, he can make some bangers.  This time he recruits a resurgent Future, and his own artist, 1/2 of Rae Sremmund, to make us a club and/or strip club anthem.

Riff Raff and Flux Pavilion

It has been entirely too long without a Riff Raff music video that has copious amounts of neon in it.  After all, he didn't self-title his person with the name Neon Icon for no reason. Thankfully, the Butterscotch Boss is back to bless us with another fun summer romp, courtesy of Flux Pavilion.

How To Dress Well

They did it.  They finally made a 90's style R&B music video to go with their 90's style R&B sound.  Why did it take so long?

Father f/iLoveMakonnen, Archibald Slim, & Ethereal

Atlanta's most sardonic rapper with the absolute best name in rap is back, and this time he brought some friends.  Weird Atlanta continues to be the best Atlanta in rap music right now.

Riff Raff & Danny Brown

It is a literal Riff Raff bounty this week.  We are all better for it.  Even when he is making a video for a song that came out last year, he still knows how to do things correctly.  Like putting Danny Brown in it, and on the song straight out of nowhere.  


See you all next week.

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