Friday, August 21, 2015

Even If You Hate Madden You Should Watch This Madden Trailer

Madden.  The perennial football video game that you either love or hate is due out in mere days from now.  And like every August, EA is ramping up their marketing even though they still only possess the singular football franchise in virtual form (a move that I will never forgive them for after they destroyed my beloved 2K (superior) Sega series). So that means only one thing: It's time for some batshit Madden commercials.

I don't think this has much to do with football, but I approve.

You might have wondered, after last year’s incredible Madden Season commercial, how EA Sports would top themselves. Wonder no more.

For Madden NFL 16, which comes out on Tuesday, EA got a bunch of actors and football stars—miss you Rex—to participate in what might be the most preposterous commercial ever made, complete with dinosaurs, tragic deaths, and 20 seconds of Julio Jones slapping someone. Something, to be clear, that Julio Jones should do more often, because it is hilarious.

Check it out:

Yes. Again, not a ton of actual football related things here, but it is clearly for the best.  I mean there are only so many times that you can wheel out the developers for them to talk about how shiny they made Sam Bradford's helmet this year...

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