Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Drinking Michelle Rodriguez's Piss Is What Finally Broke Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls, best known for drinking his own piss, is a tough man to gross out. But on Monday night’s Running Wild, he finally found the thing that broke him: Fast and Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez’s piss. It’s apparently especially pungent and flavorful compared to Grylls’ own, which was a fun fact to learn over breakfast this morning.

Apparently drinking urine is like smelling your own farts.  It's okay when it's yours, but somebody else's?  No dice.

Rodriguez’s urine came into play as the stock for a stewed mouse whose guts Grylls had her rip out. It tasted like chicken.

Michelle Rodriguez, you did not need to put yourself into a rat-and-piss-stew situation. There is an alternative. You can exchange the money you made from all those Fasts and Furiouses for food at many businesses in and around Hollywood. Some of them will prepare the food for you, and many won’t ask for a urine sample first.

Bear Grylls, you are a famous adventurer. You knew better than to enter the Nevada desert without enough water, but you did it anyway. Now another’s piss is your reward.

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