Monday, August 3, 2015

Buzz Aldrin Proves There Is A Government Form For Everything

This may be the only exciting piece of government paperwork you’ll ever read. Buzz Aldrin conquered Throwback Thursday forever last week when he shared his travel voucher from the Apollo 11 mission on Facebook and Twitter. What did he post?


Note the bottom right categories...

At first it seems like another unassuming document. Just another travel voucher for Col. Edwin E. Aldrin for a round trip originating in Houston, Texas.  Nothing special for a man who surely traveled a large amount back then.  Then you realize the destination of the first part, which is THE MOON.

 If you look closely its all there.  The whole story of the most historic space mission to date is right there, listed matter-of-factly as a series of destinations in the right-hand column of the first page: Cape Kennedy, Florida; Moon; Pacific Ocean (USN Hornet); and Hawaii. The emphasis here being that he was going to the fucking moon for the first time any human tried such a thing. 

On the next page, the voucher spells out the details of travel arrangements for a business trip to the Moon. As in one Saturn V rocket and a shitload of fuel. Aldrin drove his own car from his residence to Ellington Air Force Base outside Houston, Texas.  (Wonder if he stopped for a quick coffee beforehand?) From there to Cape Kennedy, he flew on a government aircraft. Nothing unusual so far, but you’ve got to wonder what the typist thought while typing out the next two lines:
  1. Cape Kennedy, Florida to Moon: Government Spacecraft
  2. Moon to Cape Kennedy, Florida: Government Spacecraft
Probably had to double check on those details.  Make sure they read, and re-read.

The form also notes that “Government meals and quarters [were] furnished for all of the above dates,” which you would really hope.  Perhaps the Russian cosmonauts were not so lucky.  What a trip though. NASA really thought of everything.

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