Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Australian Terrorized By Koala Who Needs A Hug

This past Friday, one brave Australian woman had the shock of her life, when she narrowly escaped the nation's most deadly beast.  An animal so relentless, and unstoppable, it sends shudders through one's spine just imagining what she went through.


“The koala bloody chased me tonight!” wrote 31-year-old Ebony Churchill on Facebook, adding, “Shit me self.”
Churchill says she was herding cows by ATV when she first spotted the scare bear, which she assumed was climbing a tree. From The Adelaide Advertiser:
“He was close but then he started running towards me and I thought I better speed up (on the quad bike),” she said. 
“But the more I sped up, the faster he got. 
“I thought if I got further down the track, he would lose interest. I got to the end of the cows and couldn’t go any further so that’s when I bailed off the bike.”

Check out the video below, and we must warn you, the images could be disturbing (if you are for some reason afraid of koalas):

Genuinely surprised that she didn't use the "c-word" one time.  After all, this is an Aussie we are talking about.  They use that word as much as you or I would say "hello" or "thank you."

Explaining her animated commentary during the pursuit, Churchill told “they’ve got really sharp claws.”  Thank god she escaped with her life. Next time this happens, should she be so unlucky, she should be prepared.  Fill her pockets with eucalyptus leaves, so that it can buy her some time whilst the beast is eating, to escape.

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