Monday, August 10, 2015

Actual Wonderbra Deflects Stray Bullet From Woman's Chest

Looks like we need to take a big long look, and redefine the term "Wonderbra."

NBC News reports that an underwire bra may have saved a German woman from serious injury this week when it stopped a hunter’s ricocheting bullet.

A must for every woman's collection!

Authorities say the unnamed 41-year-old was taking a leisurely bike ride with her husband on Friday when they accidentally entered the site of an active boar hunt.  Not usually a place you want to be unless you are a hunter, or a stupid pig. 

From UPI:

During a break, the woman felt a sudden sharp pain in her chest, soon realizing the underwire from her bra deflected a bullet. 
The couple immediately alerted the alleged shooter of the accident after he was spotted at a neighboring farm. 
“Those in charge of the hunt broke it up straight away” area police spokesperson Andre Falke said.

According to NBC News, police believe the bullet first struck a young wild boar who may or may not have also been wearing a bra, (not really though) before rebounding off the animal and striking the woman.

The hunter is now being investigated on suspicion of negligent injury, The Local reports.

Somebody get this woman an endorsement deal!  Least you could do.

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