Monday, July 13, 2015

You Should Probably Watch The New Comic-Con Batman Vs. Superman Trailer

The Comic-Con geek bonanza rolls on.  First we had a (secret) look at DC's star studded villain affair, and now hold onto your butts because we have the big guns coming at you.

DC decided to unleash a brand new trailer for Batman v. Superman upon the unwashed masses at Comic-Con, and it delivers the goods.

Just what constitutes "the goods" in a movie where Earth's two mightiest heroes square off in a man vs. god fight?

Well for starters we get:
  • Lex "By God" Luthor!
  • Soldiers with Superman's logo on their chest!
  • A goosebump inducing Batman-Superman faceoff!
  • The goddess Holly Hunter!
  • Wonder Woman!
  • A motherfucking Robin costume hanging in the Batcave.
So yeah, there are quite a few things to process here. 

Check it out:

Now, since this is DC, there are come caveats.  Let's be honest here, their track record as of yet is...spotty at best (You didn't forget about Green Lantern did you?).  This is their first big attempt to bring all their franchises into the same universe as Marvel (and comics themselves) have been doing successfully for years.  Thus the inclusion of Wonder Woman as a setup for the inevitable Justice League, and Batfleck already appearing in Suicide Squad footage.  

On top of this conflagration it looks bloated with superheroes, and the fact that it is being directed by Zach Snyder AKA the man who has made more bad movies than good ones, this is a mighty concern.
Another thing, boy does this look dour, really fucking dour, which has been a criticism of just about every DC movie made thusfar.  Remember when Snyder turned Superman into the most sad sack brooder the world has ever known?  Yeah. Not what Supes is about Mr. Snyder.  

Although he seemingly has taken the whole "Superman as a messianic figure" aspect and ran the hell away with it. Here is the thing, superhero movies can be serious, there is nothing wrong with some earth endangering conflict. But the thing that Marvel just gets so far, and seems to be lost on DC, is that at their core they are supposed to be fun.  I mean, Henry Cavill is supposed to sell that if he slicks his hair back and takes off his glasses, nobody knows the difference, so making the movie he inhabits Sophie's Choice just doesn't compute.

Anyway, the movie isn't even out yet, so we will see if this all pays off, or if it is a disaster.  Either way, it seems like it will be a wild ride.  Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be out next year.

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