Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Who Is This Legend?

On Sunday, Reddit user SeagoatCM uploaded a video simply titled “The legend” showing a man performing an animated recorder breakdown to Z.Z. Top’s “La Grange” while simultaneously navigating L.A. traffic.

But who was this mobilized jazzman, this rocker on wheels, this...four-wheeled funk machine? Unfortunately, SeagoatCM had little information to offer, but other users chimed in to report their own sightings.


I’ve seen this guy driving around Pasadena. He literally has no fucks


I saw him on Colorado a month or two ago! I think he was in a van or SUV though when I saw him. Gotta love his enthusiasm.


He was in an suv/van when I saw him on Green St this past February, I couldn’t stop laughing.
Finally, one commenter claimed the flute rocker was none other than his dear old dad.


Dad has always been a, well, “artistic” kind of a guy. In the late 80’s he was in a jazz band that toured with Kenny G. He was a big fan of acid jazz which is why you hear him playing that wild style. Sadly, my mother divorced him in 1996 because of his weird behavior and lack of money. I think it was the right decision. I still see him sometimes, but he lives in tiny apt on Fair Oaks which smells like cat. Nice enough guy though, wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Of course, arffarffarff’s testimony is still completely unverified—leaving just enough uncertainty to let the legend live. Until we get some more concrete details, we may never know the identity of the mobile flautist, but perhaps that is for the best.

I like to think he is always out there, ready to blow some tunes at the drop of a hat.  Soldier on you SoCal legend, soldier on.

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