Monday, July 20, 2015

Tomorrow Is An "Interesting" Japanese Holiday

Are you currently in Japan?  Are you currently in Japan and are a fan of self love?  Well you are in for a treat!

Tomorrow is "Hand Job Day" in the land of the Rising Sun.

No, it’s not a national holiday by any stretch. But yes, the day does have an official super hero. Good to know!

I don't want this guy anywhere near my privates.

Japanese company Tenga, which makes a line of masturbation toys by the same name, is dubbing July 21 as “Hand Job Day.” The reason is that “masturbation” in Japanese is “onanii” (オナニー), which is a pun on 07.21 (“o” for “zero”; “na” for “seven” or “nana” in Japanese; “ni” means “two” in Japanese; and here, they’re making a pun on the long vowel mark “ー” by saying it refers to “一” or “ichi,” which means “one.”) So, “Jerk Off Day” is probably more accurate.

Huh, learned something new today.  Because I thought "Jerk Off Day" was any time that somebody cut me off on the freeway.  I stand corrected.

The company has created a Power Rangers or Kamen Rider style “Masturbation Hero” called Tengaman.

So there. There you go.

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