Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Problem With Batcaves Is Most Certainly Bats

Bats might be important for Batman’s identity, but they also spread diseases, poop everywhere and make a ton of extra work for Alfred. Everybody knows you don't want to treat your adopted father/servant like that.

On top of that, Bruce already goes through Robin's like hotcakes, so them also dying from ebola is not a good look.  Nor does it need to be added to the Batman's already considerable guilt pile.

 In fact, Dorkly’s video proves that it’s just not a good idea having tons of bats in your cave at all.

Alfred is getting too old for this shit.

And besides all that, there are probably a few of them inside the Batcomputer too, chilling on one of the coolers or the motherboard. I’d be worried about that!  It's not like you can just call the fucking Geek Squad to come take a look at that thing.

Sidenote: Can everybody get rid of doing that fucking Chrisitian Bale voice for Batman now?  It has been not funny for years now.  Try a Kevin Conroy on for size.  Anything else is straight guano.

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