Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pilot to Highway: Excuse Me Cars Because I Am Landing Here

On Sunday, traffic cameras captured the surreal moment when a skydiving plane made an emergency landing on New Jersey’s Route 72 and yesterday authorities did what anybody does with something like this these days, uploaded the incredible footage to Facebook.

It's nuts.

"Okay, make sure I have my signals on to merge...and...HERE WE GO!"

No cars were damaged and the only injury sustained to the five people onboard the plane was a cut to the instructor's arm.  Most likely caused by him biting himself due to the insane shit that was going down all around him during the landing.

“We are very happy all are safe,” George Voishnis, co-owner of Skydive East Coast, told “The instructors readied their students and the pilot expertly flew the plane avoiding power lines landed between the cars on Route 72.”

Then the pilot went straight from the plane and played the lottery, proposed to the first beautiful person he/she saw, and entered into a national singing contest. (None of this is true, but he/she probably should have done all these things.)

The pilot was though given a ticket for vertically merging, a big no-no on New Jersey highways.  (This is also not true, but would have been funny as well.)

According to Voishnis, the emergency landing was prompted by a mechanical problem with the plane’s engine. Authorities say the F.A.A. is investigating the incident.

Check it out, and realize that this is probably the most fitting situation for a "LIKE A GLOVE" quote of all time:

Like a glove indeed.

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