Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Knife Wielding Streaker Serenades SWAT Team With Banjo Concert

This is the time when it is so rewarding to have a blog that follows popular culture.  Just being able to write this headline alone,  perfect.

On Sunday, a Washington man was arrested after allegedly running naked through his neighborhood waving a knife—but not before treating police to a surprise banjo concert, KPTV reports.

Pictured here somehow wearing cargo shorts.

One eyewitness, who pretty much nailed the mood of the whole thing, told the station:“It was crazy ridiculous."  Yeah, you think so?

Responding to complaints of a nude, knife-wielding man, officers say they found the suspect, 26-year-old Andrew Helmsworth, barricaded in his home.  Helmsworth, it is safe to say, didn't make very many good decisions that day.  Except maybe fore holding the impromptu banjo concert.  After all, everybody benefits from a little exposure to the art of music.  Even a SWAT team. A two-hour standoff with SWAT officers reportedly ensued, ending only when Helmsworth left his house to pluck out a tune. If you're gonna go down swingin' it might as be to the dulcet tunes of the south's favorite instrument. From The Columbian:
A neighbor captured a portion of the standoff with a cellphone. Footage showed Helmsworth emerging from the house with a banjo and playing for police. He was subsequently shot with a nonlethal round and taken into custody about 5:45 p.m.
Helmsworth, who authorities say chased his father with the knife, now faces felony assault charges, KATU reports.  No word on if they will let him play banjo in jail.  Probably harmonica fits better.

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