Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence Met Bill Murray and (Understandibly) Freaked Out

The two respective sweethearts of America and the Internet collided in San Diego yesterday for Comic-Con.  They even had a photo together that somehow didn't break the lens of whatever device took it due to an overload of cool.


This is a picture of Jennifer Lawrence freaking out about meeting Bill Murray at Comic-Con. It is basically the Internet in one image. Let’s break down its parts:
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Jennifer Lawrence freaking out
  • Jlaw's excellent hair
  • Jennifer Lawrence's dress 
  • Bill Murray
  • Bill Murray being cool
  • Bill Murray wearing a bandana
  • Bill Murray's shirt that is cool on him but only he could pull off
  • Bill Murray's pirate/Native American look
  • Jennifer Lawrence freaking out next to Bill Murray being cool
  • The possibility that they both love comic books
  • At Comic-Con

It is a good picture.

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