Thursday, July 23, 2015

In The Battle of Bus Versus Head The Bus Always Wins

Ah, the timeless game of bus vs. head. The game where the fix is in, and bus always beats head. A man from the state of...all together now...Florida, was taught one of the primary laws of vehicular combat this weekend when he brought a head to a bus fight and lost, badly.

And....there it is....

According to police, the man became agitated after he disembarked from his rectangular foe Saturday morning and attempted to re-board. From WTSP:

The driver told him he would have to pay another $2, and he got mad. 
The driver left the bus and went inside the terminal. The passenger sat on a bench, then walked away. But about four minutes later, he returns and head-butts the glass doors on the bus, shattering the glass. 
He appears to be knocked out for a few seconds, but then wakes and runs off.

Authorities described the suspected head-busser as approximately 5-foot-9 with a slim build and an “OUNCES 40” graphic t-shirt.  The bus could not be reached for comment, but was probably proud of it's continued dominance over man.

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