Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Virtual Boy

Let's all take the time to wish one of video gaming's most supreme failures a happiest of birthdays shall we?

Nintendo’s first foray into 3D gaming was released in Japan on July 21, 1995. On this, the Virtual Boy’s 20th birthday, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the joy it has brought gamers over the years. No really, I’m serious.

Nintendo you wonderful bastards.

One of Nintendo’s biggest missteps, the red-and-black 3D gaming machine that is the Virtual Boy also stands as a testament to the company’s dogged dedication of hardware innovation.
Any other company, who had whiffed on something like this, something that was such a risk in conception and design, would have retreated.  Never again would they even think to try and innovate again, much more content to keep things on an even keel.

But Nintendo has gone on to bring us motion control, balance boards, controllers with built-in screens and—most apropos to this occasion—a 3D handheld that actually works, followed shortly by an updated version that actually works well.
So while the Virtual Boy may not have generated much in the way of direct joy, it was instrumental in establishing a Nintendo standard that would eventually make millions of gamers around the world incredibly happy.

I don't care, this thing was fun...until it fell and smashed your nose.

Still gave you headaches though.

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