Sunday, July 12, 2015

FUNDAY: All Up In This

You know the drill y'all. Get a little Funday all up in that weekend of yours.

You need it, I need it, so let's enjoy.

No time for lengthy intros this week.  I got moves to make.  So get into it and we will be back next time with a proper beginning.

Let's go!


Tove Styrke

Though this Swedish Pop star doesn't flash her fans onstage like another conspicuously named Swedish Pop star who shares that first name, that doesn't mean she isn't just as rad.  

Yogi & Skrillex f/ Pusha T

I have no idea what is going on in this video, and that is perfectly fine.  Also, Pusha T in anything is always the best.  

Young Thug

Fun with Photobooth!


When he isn't busy talking shit about other incredible artists (come on Miguel, Frank Ocean is untouchable) Miguel continues to do his thang in the best possible ways.  Watch this one, just make sure you are in the appropriate setting ala not work.


To quote the man, "I don't do nothing fugazi." - Music is the best all day every day.


That's it.

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