Sunday, July 19, 2015

FUNDAY: 2 Legit

Look, I could write an intro here, but I honestly have nothing for this week.  It's okay, I admit it.

So instead here is an awesome documentary about a man who is 2 Legit for reality:

I'll have something good next week.  Promise.


Yo La Tengo

This.  This is the good stuff.


I have no idea why anybody would want to go on tour.  Making it colorful cartoons only serves to emphasize the fact that it seems like literal Hell on Earth.


They're back y'all.


I read an article about this song where the writer (who wasn't identified by a byline) described the vocaloid effects in it as "Daft Punk-esque."  Not only did this make me cringe because that is a terrible descriptor, but it is most certainly not "Daft Punk-esque."  That vocal effect is synonymous with the 90's p-funk California sound that Dr. Dre pretty much created and famously used on a little song you may have heard of...perhaps...A sound that Tupac and his group Tha Outlaws would go on to use to much success. You know, the kind of sound that a young talented West Coast rapper like YG, a rapper who both innovates and pays homage to that era, would employ.  You would think any music journalist would recognize this.  Well, one born before 1991.  Then I realized that they probably weren't born before 1991, and they have no reference for this era and I simultaneously felt very old, and very sad.  Anyway, what I am getting at here is that YG is a smart young rapper who knows and respects eras that came before him, even though he is as well too young to have experienced them first hand.   

Skrillex & Vic Mensa

Never thought I would say this, but Skrillex should just make a rap album.  Like a compilation.  Like the kind of stuff Rap DJs do.  Just a collection of his beats, with various stars collaborating from song to song.  It would most definitely be dope.


Oh boy.  See you next week.

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