Tuesday, July 7, 2015

18 Minutes Shows Why No Man's Sky Could Change Video Games Forever

No Man's Sky has been wowing pretty much everyone who has seen it for years now during it's development.  The things that it promises seem to be potentially as revolutionary as when Nintendo first began to show off their new game called Super Mario Brothers.  Seriously, it could be that great.

However, the more we all saw of the game, the more many of us had something we needed to ask.
For months, fans everywhere couldn’t help but ask, ‘what do you DO in No Man’s Sky?’ Recently, the developers seem keen on answering that very question.

Oh baby.

Joined by Hello Games founder and lead developer Sean Murray, this deep video dive by IGN is more than worth the time to check it out. It begins to answer the questions we have all had, as to what exactly this game is, and how amazing it really could be. You’ll see some familiar things we’ve mentioned before—the wanted system, harvesting resources, and so on—in action, which is always nice.  You'll also see how the procedurally generated worlds work, and why some people are already saying this might be the last game they ever need to buy.

Plus, there are a few new tidbits that we’ve never seen gameplay footage of before, including:

-The five levels that make up the wanted system, and how to get rid of your wanted levels.

-How the game tracks your discoveries, as well as rewards you for discoveries.

-Planets have moons.

-Ships and weapons are also procedurally generated.

-You have a jetpack.

-How you can landscape your environment.

-What the consequences of dying are.

-Crystals, and why they’re a good resource early on.

-What it looks like to kill enemies/creatures.

-How you customize your weapons.

-What happens when your ship is destroyed.

Plus other stuff! If you’re at all interested in the game, give it a watch.


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