Thursday, June 18, 2015

You Better Believe Blake Anderson Is Tired

Look, Blake Anderson from Workaholics just woke up like 5 minutes ago (hell yeah he was sleeping, it’s like six o’clock over here, Jesus Christ!) and he’s sto—I mean, very tired. You know the Warriors won the fucking championship, right?

So you’ll have to forgive him if, instead of answering a Cincinnati morning show’s questions about his new movie, he just drops an f-bomb and goes back to bed.

Hey Blake, speaking as a Cincinnati native (NATI REPRESENT) I must say that you should offer the great state of Ohio some more respect.  We have produced more astronauts and damn near more presidents than any other state (fucking Virginia).  You will come on our dumb morning show and at least try to not act high.

Anyway, I still want to see Dope, but not necessarily because you are in it.

Go see Dope tomorrow:

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