Saturday, June 13, 2015

Toddler Hears Rage Against The Machine For The First Time And Reacts Accordingly

Here it is folks.  Undeniable proof that the familiar impulse you experience when you hear Rage Against The Machine–To tear off your shirt, drape yourself in an upside-down American flag, set that flag on fire, bust through a concrete wall head first, attach rockets to your feet, light them, and go hurtling at mach speeds toward the first inkling of injustice–is a purely biological reaction.  An innate response, like recoiling when someone puts ice on your neck, or taking a deep breath after swimming a long distance underwater.

Sleep now in the crib.

Below, watch the two-year-old son of Redditor gabew101 enter full-on, stank-faced beast mode upon hearing “Bulls on Parade” on Guitar Hero—the first time he’d had been subjected to the righteous oblivion brought on by Zack, Tom, and co., according to his dad.

His reaction, to RAGE.

This kid is either going to be a rockstar or a card carrying Republican with a ton of RATM songs on his phone without any irony whatsoever.

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