Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Way Nintendo Used To Make Mario Was Awesome

Nintendo just got done with their E3 press conference, and while they announced a bunch of new games they also threw in some very interesting game development history while they were at it.

This year is the 30th anniversary of Mario in video games, and to help celebrate this fact, we got to see the way that the very first Mario game was created.  It might be a little bit different than you think...

No computers even needed.

Did you know: old-school Mario games were drawn out on graph paper by designers like Shigeru Miyamoto? It’s pretty cool!

During Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event, Miyamoto shared graphs and original design docs of older Super Mario games. It’s amazing.

You can watch Nintendo GOD Miyamotosan explain the older design process here:

Of course, doing levels this way is very time-consuming—so Nintendo had to develop digital tools to make 2D Mario levels. And that’s how Mario Maker, the upcoming ‘design your own Mario game’ was born. #themoreyouknow

Also, Nintendo, get a book of this artwork published RIGHT NOW.

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