Monday, June 29, 2015

MC Shia Is A Thing Now

Here is an interesting exercise in willpower: Try to watch the video below in it's entirety without stopping it.  All in one go.  

Could you do it?  Took me several tries.  Several.  And it was...difficult.

On Sunday, avant-garde performance artist Shia LaBeouf (complete with strange King Leonidas 300 style rat-tail hair) introduced his latest character, the white rapper persona “Shia LaBeouf,” with a freewheeling freestyle touching on everything from how he eats rivals (like tuna casserole) to how he gets it (like he’s got it).

In the undated, apparently recent footage, the rattail aficionado spits tepid fire for almost three minutes, dropping references to potatoes, astronomer Galileo Galilei and then potatoes again for some reason.

To be fair, for a genuinely spontaneous freestyle, LaBeouf’s performance could have been a lot worse. Still, it’s the sort of thing that partygoers would briskly walk away from if your name wasn’t “Transformers star Shia LaBeouf”—an association the MC really wishes you’d forget about, by the way.

Transformers is the dummy rap,” says LaBeouf in the video, “and I’m so past that.”

Welcome to the world of struggle rap Shia, you should fit right in.

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