Sunday, June 7, 2015

FUNDAY: Wag That Tongue

You already know what it is.  It's Funday, so make like a nightmare worm and get moving!

Don't forget to make that tongue wag.

I don't know what I am even doing...

Anyway, let's go!


Meek Mill

Meek Milly doing what he does best: rapping like the world is about to end.  Nailed it.

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates doing what he does best: rapping like the world is about to end, but with a southern flair to things.  Also, nailed it.

Lil Durk

Durk continues to be the only man standing tall in the fallout of the Drill scene from Chicago having it's inevitable decline.  Not even the original hype machine Chief Keef is at the level he was two years ago, while Durk continues to slowly build his own rap-superstar career.  Now he has an album, and he can only ascend from here.


Music videos are the best.

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment 

What happens when one of the most unique and exciting rappers in the game (Chance the Rapper) decides to join the band of his friends and put out a live band album where he isn't even the frontman but just a member?  Well, you get one of the most joyous, wonderful collections of songs that I have heard this year.  It transcends genres, makes guest stars you could care less about mean the most (Big Sean & Kyle), and most of all just makes you happy.  The song below has Chance singing, has Jeremih at his best, features a verse that makes you really like Big Sean, and sounds like something off of Thriller. This kind of magic is why we love music.


Yaskawa Bushido Project

And yet, when the robots are on the verge of making us extinct, we will still wonder aloud to no one in particular, "How did we let this happen to ourselves?"  This is how.  This is how it begins.

LeBron Alcohol

The greatest drink in the history of alcoholic beverages.

JUST DO IT f/Shia LeBouf

Come on guys.  Just do it already, okay?

7 Days in Hell

God damnit HBO.  You are big enough to do what music is doing and just drop stuff without promotion as a surprise.  Be an innovator.  Just give me this damn thing already.  It seems like you already know it is good.  So take a page from Shia, and JUST DO IT YOU BASTARDS.


That's it for now.

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