Sunday, June 28, 2015

FUNDAY: Spare Change

Change. People do not enjoy it, but yet it happens anyway.  Even on Funday.

There are going to be a few changes around here starting this week.  Think of it as a trial run.  Just to see if anybody actually reads this feature, we are gonna remove the "VIDEOS" section for a week or two and see how things work.

For a while Funday will now be just the "MUSIC" section, followed by the "BONUS VIDEO" of course.  All killer, no filler.  Nothing but the hits to enhance your weekend.

To be honest, it just takes too long to put these together, and not enough people seem to actually care.   So here is the new Funday below.  Funday will continue to evolve based on the amount of work I am willing to put into it, which right now is not yet clear.  Sorry for the changes.

But to make up for it here is a bear in a pool:


Big Sean f/Kanye West

Ask me on any given week, and I will probably give you a different answer on how I regard the music of Big Sean.  My opinion of him changes as much as the quality of his content can vary from song to song.  Sometimes he can be as clever as anyone, often in the same song dropping some of the corniest lines.  This time he is clever, resigning himself almost to a feature on his own song, and letting Yeezus not only bless this banger with a great chorus but also some hilarious stuff.  When you get Kanye on your song talking about opening a Montessori school, you know you got something good.

Vince Staples

Vince Staples just put out his debut album.  Vince Staples is one of the most exciting and talented rappers out right now.  On the surface of this song it seems like another street banger about making money, the kind of stuff you enjoy all the time.  However, like everything he does, it hides a depth, a darkness to it. He isn't glorifying making money, in the world of Vince Staples, Long Beach to be exact, making money is the only option. Standing on the block until sunrise is required, to be able to find even a modicum of control over his life through monetary means.  This guy is really something.


What is the sound of one hand clapping?  What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?  In our reality there are many thought provoking questions of science and philosophy.  I would posit a new one: Is it actually possible for Shura to make a bad song?  This one might even be able to be solved, with a simple "NO."

Jessy Lanza 

Between this and Les Sins’ “Bother,” inflatable wavy-arms car-dealership guys are experiencing a real music-video renaissance.

Gener8tion f/ M.I.A.

Filmed at Shaolin Tagou, the biggest fighting school for kids in China, this is one of the most incredible music videos I have ever seen.  36,000 badasses, who most of which look under 16 at best. Right now I am feeling more than a little unreasonably angry that my parents didn't send me away here as a child.  Incredible.


Remember, if you hate this Funday change let me know.  I will at least know that somebody reads this thing.  If you like it, maybe also let me know....see above.

See you next week, if there is indeed actually a you that reads this.

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