Sunday, June 14, 2015

FUNDAY: So Punk Rock

Here's the thing, people always say that things are "so punk rock."  They casually throw this term around without any idea or context of what "being punk rock" actually means.

Not leaving room for cream at Starbucks and then putting in cream anyway is not "so punk rock." Blowing your nose by closing one nostril with your finger is not "so punk rock."  Forgetting to brush your teeth, then remembering, and not doing it anyway is not "so punk rock."

So, you may ask yourself, well if all those things decidedly aren't punk rock, then what is truly punk?


Never again will the term "break a leg" mean the same thing to David Grohl. That is "so punk rock."

So now, thanks to Foo Fighters, and the human equivalent of Animal from The Muppets, you will never have to wonder how to be "punk rock" again.  If you ever need to be "so punk rock" in your life, just remember this moment and you should be okay. Remember this Funday fans, you just might have to use this information sometime.


Vic Mensa f/Kanye West

The first time in a looooong time that the phrase "U Mad" has actually elicited a positive feeling from me.  And that feeling is an immense need to hype the fuck out!


Britpop is coming back?  It sure seems like it.  

Kranium f/Ty Dolla $ign

Sometimes people who live in temperate climates wish that they could live somewhere tropical.  Mainly when they hear some dope dancehall songs.  However, I offer an alternative way of thinking.  Having winter is great, because when summer finally does hit, and you load up that dope dancehall song, you just appreciate it so much more.


Skepta is on his way, and if you read this series you would probably know that by now.  Thanks to some incredible singles and a cosign from none other than Yeezus himself, the British MC is on the short list of people about to blow.  However, sometimes no matter where you are in fame's grasp, you cannot be shielded from heartbreak.  Such is the case with Skepta, who lost one of his best friends recently to the same kind of environment whose inspiration made him famous.  Here is his tribute.

The Weeknd

He did it!  The man Abel Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd has been able to, after multiple albums, make a song that doesn't sound like it should be performed by The Weeknd, but Michael Jackson.  It’s an explicit stab at digital-era Off The Wall-style club-pop. But where Michael Jackson used his lost-little-kid voice to convey a kind of impossible watch-my-feet joy, Tesfaye is still in fucked-out blues mode, lamenting the soul he lost to a self-destructive relationship but finally giving some clue about how much fun that relationship had to be in the first place.


Dino Expert on Dino Toys

It takes one Dr. Paul Olsen, the man brave enough to take on the fucking toy industry.  Watch him condemn them for their dinosaur sins.  It may get rough.

Owl Cafe

Well mother fuck a cat cafe!  It never fails, every single time I think Japan couldn't possibly be any more of the exact home for everything I like they go and one up themselves.  That's it.  I am going, and probably never coming back.

Rock the Kasbah

There is no possible way that this is a bad movie.  Even with Zoey Deschanel being in it.  Even that cannot possibly ruin it.

The Program

Not saying this one doesn't look good, but you just cannot name any movie "The Program."  There is already a movie with that name that rules and is also about sports.  Anyway, I wonder what the over/under is for Armstrong calling people assholes is in this movie.  I would guess it is high.


That's it. So if between now and next Funday you break a limb, you know how to act accordingly.  See you next time.

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