Thursday, June 4, 2015

Excuse Me But There Is A Large Amount Of Bees In Your Car

Everybody has their fun perusing the wacky internet sites that report on strange laws around the US.  However, sometimes things that you think would totally be covered by a wacky law, just aren't.  Like this story.

Cops in Montana had to let the driver of this Final Destination-looking motor vehicle go with just a ticket last week. Turns out the state legislature, for some strange reason, never thought to write laws governing the voluntary transportation of thousands of bees in the backseat of a sedan.

The driver was pulled over after Highway Patrol received reports of a car “driving all over the road.” Seems he was a little distracted with the thousands of bees with which he had voluntarily locked himself into a small enclosure. Via UPI:

The driver said the insects were “harmless” Russian honey bees. 
The state apiarist was consulted and told troopers that while the motorist’s method of transporting the bees was “very unsafe,” it did not require a permit. 
The driver was cited for careless driving, the MHP said.

It does seem like being inside that car is punishment enough.

Listen up America, this is how those wacky laws are made.

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