Sunday, June 14, 2015

E3 HYPE: Hey Y'all There's Another Doom Game

Doom guys.  As in the fourth Doom.  There is a Doom game.  It's a new Doom game.  It's Doom 4.  DOOOM.  FUCKING DOOOOOOM IS NIGH.

Tonight at Bethesda’s pre-E3 press conference, we got our first extended (extremely violent!) look at the new Doom, which will be out in Spring of 2016.

No god damned numbers needed.

First, we got a lengthy look at a single player battle in the game, which combines the fast-paced ultraviolence of old-school Doom with some ridiculous slow-mo kill animations. 

Next we got a sizzle reel of some multiplayer.

And then the kicker: In this Doom you can make your own levels.  This is real cool

As for everything else...

There is a Super Shotgun, it's actually called that.  At one point in the presentation the player rips a man's arm off so he can use it on a touch pad to open a door.  There are demons.  They are angry.  You fucking blow them apart.  It's DOOM. 

It looks great.

Here is a trailer, you should check it out:


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