Tuesday, June 9, 2015

BMX Rider The Last To Perform At Silverdome

Up-and-coming professional BMX rider and Michigan native Tyler Fernengal will be the last professional athlete to perform inside the famed Silverdome – former home of the Detroit Lions, Wrestlemania 3 (Hulk Hogan’s epic bodyslam of Andre the Giant), Supercross and World Cup soccer games before the stadium is shut down for good just a few years ago.

Through his sponsors at Red Bull, and a team of intrepid film crew duders, the adventurous group took to the iconic venue that now lays in ruin and made some really cool footage while they were there having fun.

From the description:

I’ve been doing this shit for a long time, and this was, by far, the wildest project I’ve been a part of. The scene every day as I walked into the Silverdome was striking. Five days of a stutter step as you walked through the doors. Decay and destruction everywhere. The days were cold, long, and dragged out, but Tyler is an absolute boss. I say this with no light hand: what I witnessed was the shit that legends are made of. Cheers to Tyler for risking his life, Red Bull for making it happen, the build crew Becomeco, and the video crew headed by Ryan Taylor and Alex Horner 
Watch the video below to see Fernengel session the abandoned halls of the famous stadium that have become a stunning, modern-day backdrop of natural destruction.”

Check it out:


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