Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Cavaliers Really Should Have Thought About This One

The NBA is deep into it's "second season" and the marketing train never stops to match the team of the world's best player.  However, sometimes it might be a good idea to take a step back and think things through first.

Not LeBron approved.

During last night’s playoff game against the Chicago Bulls, the Cleveland Cavaliers showed the video below, which was removed from the team’s Vimeo page this morning, on the in-arena jumbotron. The premise of the skit, which is supposed to be a Dirty Dancing spoof, is that a Cavs fan physically harms his Bulls fan girlfriend—whom we see writhing on the floor in agony—until she too starts rooting for the Cavs. That’s not good.

Not fucking good at all marketing people.  Domestic violence, not a great subject for something that is as inconsequential as sports.  Or for the fact that not even a year ago most of the news was dominated by fucking shitbags beating their spouses.  This is a real problem, and making light of it...not necessarily a great idea for your playoff earnings potential.


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