Monday, May 25, 2015

Nintendo Wii Blamed For Man's House Burning Down

I knew Nintendo, underneath it all, was up to no good.

Fire investigators in Colorado Springs think that a Wii console is the likely cause of a fire inside a RV home this week, local NBC news channel KOAA 5 reports.

The homeowner Trevor Pellegrin told KOAA 5 that he was not at home when the fire started. Pellegrin said that the fire also had nothing to do with the Wii wires, and that it started inside of the actual console.

Melted Wii. Sounds like a sex move.

A spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Fire Department told KOAA 5 that all other possible sources of ignition were ruled out.

The fire melted Pellegrin's TV, his Wii, and some of his clothes, and while his roof suffered "extensive smoke damage," it seems his home survived the incident.

In the comments section to the KOAA 5 website, Pellegrin says that he got in touch with a Nintendo representative, but the he was located in the United Kingdom, so he was redirected to Nintendo of America.

One of the images from KKTVO 11 News video segment about the fire shows that Pellegrin also owns an Xbox 360, which appears to have survived the fire unscathed.

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