Monday, May 4, 2015

Man Finds Thousands of Moldy Dollars In Woods

Hey, weird question, I know, but did you lose like 60 grand in grody cash? If so, good news, because a hiker in Pennsylvania found it last weekend and police would love to give it back.

Man...I NEVER find money in the woods!

According to authorities, the hiker was hunting for mushrooms (not those kind of mushrooms) in Bald Eagle State Park when he discovered $63,000 in moldy bills, immediately turning it over to police. From the Associated Press:

Police say paperwork found near the money apparently lists the name of the woman it belongs to and other information police believe will help them identify her. 
Authorities say a woman reported the money missing nearly a year ago but lives out of state and didn’t leave any contact information. 
They are trying to reach her.

State trooper David McGarvey told WJAC he’s still not sure why anyone would leave that much money in the woods.

“Well, it’s very unusual,” said McGarvey.

Or why someone who found it wouldn't keep a few thousand or so.  (At least that's what I am wondering...)

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