Sunday, May 17, 2015

FUNDAY: Take A Left Onto Fury Road

I am gonna take the time this Funday to make an important PSA: You need to go see Mad Max: Fury Road.  I cannot be more insistent.

Mad Max is the most incredible feminist action movie ever, starring arguably the most badass woman ever depicted on film. Never before has my heart beat so fast while sitting down. Hours later and I cannot get it out of my head. 

Every time you think "well, that was absolutely insane and could not get any more crazy" it grabs your shirt, slaps your face, pulls you close and screams "OH YEAH?!! WELL LOOK AT THIS?!" This goes on almost nonstop for two hours. IF I am able to sleep tonight, my dreams will be of gasoline, octane, flames, sand, leather, and explosions. It took one 70 year old man 15 years, but he has now shown us all what (almost) every single action movie of the past 20 years has been doing wrong...which is EVERYTHING. 

There is a fight scene in this movie that involves two men chained together (one of whom is a bald, pasty, branded cult member who worships hotrods and Valhalla), a car door, a pregnant woman, a water hose, and a very angry Charlize Theron with a mechanical arm. This is the most tame thing in the whole runtime.


Post Malone

This has been out for a couple months now, but it took until now for it to have a video, albeit an "unofficial one."  It may not be sanctioned by Malone, but this thing is pretty great, and also it gives me an excuse to post my prediction of what the summer jam of 2015 is gonna be. Well, if you are cool. So here you go.

Hudson Mohawke

HudMo stays releasing BANGERZ, and this is no exception.

Run the Jewels

RTJ puts out a serious visual for one of their most serious songs, and like everything they do, it's excellent.  Right in time also for the buzz about "Run the Jewels 3" that apparently will be coming soon.  It is a good time to be a fan of good music.


Speaking of good music, this guy just refuses to put out a bad song.  How this guy isn't a massive crossover star on par with Sean Paul's heydays just baffles me.  I guess it is just a matter of time though, but even if he never makes it to that level...I know he will stay being my favorite pocket artist to get people hip to.

Vince Staples

Has there ever been a music video where the final shot reveal is this riveting? Days after watching this one it still stings.


Eating Everything on White Castle's Menu

This is a bad idea.  Gonna go out on a limb here and say this is a bad idea.


God damnit Internet! If you are gonna make a pixel movie that is so fucking awesome as this one, you should have to make a real video game to accompany it.  Why can't I play this?  The world is not fair.

The Suitsy

This has to be one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind.

GTA V Breaking Bad

Now that you can edit your own video clips, GTA has become almost more of a medium than a video game.


See you next week you suckas.

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