Sunday, May 10, 2015

FUNDAY: Shaq Attacks The Floor

Internet, I love you...

So much. So very much.


You know what else I love?  My mother.  She's gone though.  And today on the day where we honor the women who changed their whole lives so that we could be around, I don't have her to hug.

So go hug your damn mom, and don't ever let her forget how much she means to you.  One day she just won't be around anymore.

Love you Deborah Kay Blaine.  You were the best.  You still are.

Okay Funday time now though, let's go.


ASAP Rocky

Rocky on a track with Miguel with features from Rod Stewart?! Move over McCartney and Yeezy.


Straight lounging.

Twin Shadow

Using 90's VHS video effects to make my man TS look like a god damned superhero.  I am for it.  I am wholly for it.


This man could make the corniest lyrics seem super profound and meaningful all damn day.  If that isn't an example of a masterful musician, then I have no idea what is.


30 for 30 Seconds

Too short to be missed, we finally get the real story of LeBron's hairline, right from the inanimate object that knows him the most: The Headband.

Underwater Tea Party

Too bad this thing is a little...dead.  I hate myself.

Eating Like The Rock

Sean Evans is an Average Joe, but that's not going to stop him from trying to eat like the 270lbs. behemoth that is Dwayne Johnson.  That means 10lbs. of food in one day.  Join him on the journey.

Love for Pigeons

Give them a break will ya?  People used to love these guys.  Including Darwin and BF Skinner.  They were war heroes, and aquatic rescuers.  Bow down to the pigeon, and give them some bread crumbs at least.

Life With Smartphones

Prepare for the horrible future because that future is now.


Say hello to your mother for me.

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