Sunday, May 24, 2015

FUNDAY: No Time For Words

Look.  Gonna be honest with you.  Too many awesome things happened this week for me to waste your time with any dub words.

(Also, I have too many sports to watch to have worked on any sort of intro for this week.)

So instead, here is a picture of Ghostface Killah wearing an American flag:

Enjoy your week.


ASAP Rocky

I am gonna go a little arrogant here and say that I always knew this guy was special, and now it seems on album number two he is really about to do some interesting stuff.  The latest single from his album sees Rocky both directing the video and singing for about 75% of the duration.  The results?  AMAZING.  Both visually and sonically this is unlike anything he has ever done before, and guess's still awesome. My hype for this album might surpass any other release from this year.


If more non-parody Black Metal videos were like this, I would listen to much more Black Metal. I mean, I already listen to a bunch of Black Metal, but I would just listen to more.

Taylor Swift f/Kendrick Lamar

Yep.  Taylor finally got to me to.  I don't want to say it was entirely the fact that Kendrick is there too, but it is mostly for that reason.  But hey, consider me a convert now.  You did it world, you beat me.  I have succumbed to the Swift.

The Mountain Goats

Professional wrestling makes everything better.  Also, Chavo Guerro, a god amongst men. 


Mario Kart: Fury Road

What makes the best pure action movie of the last 20 years better?  Some Italian plumbers throwing banana peels at each other in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Justin Bieber Carpool

Look, you probably already made up your mind on this guy, but I beseech you, give him another shot.  He is a human being after all, and like most human beings, he isn't all bad.  This video just might make you really like the guy.  Well, if you have a shred of empathy in your black heart...If anything you gotta appreciate those Rubik's Cube skills.

Bloodsport Mentos

Bloodsport.  The gift that just keeps on giving.

Motorcycle Surfing

When the waves aren't hitting you gotta surf something.  

Evolution of the Bikini

Well, I am not gonna make any excuses about this one and why it is included.  We all know why. So just enjoy it.  


See you next week.

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