Sunday, May 3, 2015


Did you have a long week Funday Fans?  Do you just need something that will for sure make your day?  Something so wonderful that you cannot help but be happy after seeing it?

Well here you go:

You are welcome.



Normally, I am not one who resorts to typing gibberish as a way to indicate my excitement for any given thing.  That said adkfjadlkbaflkja;elkruaeirua;ldgj!!!!!!!!!! Mother fucking Refused is back and they are releasing their first album in 17 years!  They have a new song already! Boy never before have I said that "it feels like 1998 all over again," and meant it in such a good way.


There is a reason why this guy is Kanye's favorite Grime rapper.  That is because he can rap the words "Fashion Week," and make it hard as fuck.  All hail the king of Grime.  

Jeremih f/Chance the Rapper 

Don't get me wrong the original is a straight jam.  However, Chance's Social Experiment band decided to kick J. Cole (good riddens) and make their own band assisted remix, and it good.  I don't know if I love the horns more, or Jeremih's insistence to mispronounce the word "pilot" as "plilot" repeatedly.  No, I know what I like best: The lack of a corny as hell J. Cole verse.  Fuck that guy. He belongs in the Corny Rapper Hall of Fame.


If you were the devil, and appeared at the foot of the bed of Curren$y one night offering him an ultimatum: That you would kill him if he didn't choose between weed or low rider cars, it might just be the hardest decision he has ever had to make.  Also, the best things about Spitta Andretti's car videos are the little details.  Like the back window that totally has a "Crenshaw on Sundays" graphic, which if you don't get you are too young or just shouldn't watch this.

Death From Above 1979

Amish know how to turn the fuck up.

Brandon Flowers

STOP. Before you read any further watch this video...okay...The key to a great video, simplicity and atmosphere.  You kind of suspect that ending to pop up on you, but even when it does it is still creepy.  Also, mad props for them pretty much remaking House of the Devil (AKA the best horror movie I have seen in a decade) in music video form, which is excellent. And that "spinning like a Gravitron" line?! Genius.  The Brandon Flowers revival is confirmed.  Oh Mr. Flowers, it is good to have you back.


Floyd Mayweather's Punch-Out!

The most boring video game that there ever was.

GTA Live

The best use of a drone that you will ever see. 

The Mayor Goes To The Bathroom

If you need to excuse yourself to use the facilities, that's fine.  Just remember that the microphone is still live no matter what.

Sex Explained

Finally I figured it out.  Thank you so much Bill Nye.


See you next week you hippos. 

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