Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bill Murray Talks To David Letterman For The Last Time

Well, it is really happening.  David Letterman is on his way out, as last night he aired his penultimate episode.  For the guest though, he continued his week of heavy hitters as he welcomed the very first guest he and Paul had ever talked to: Bill Murray.

Being the living legend that he is, Murray decided to enter and make one more memorable moment for the other legend who invited him.  Like everything the man does, it went pretty well. He decided to take a literal "sweet" approach to Dave's departure and take a page out of the bachelor party playbook and pops out of a cake reading “Good Bye, Dave” on the side:

There's a man inside that.

I’m not sure if the trip and fall is part of the entrance, but he makes the best of it in typical Bill Murray fashion.

Then, he makes sure everybody in the band and audience gets a taste of cake.  

Along with sharing the cake on himself with everyone, the interview rolled out in typical Bill Murray style.  It featured a sizzle reel of his best appearances, a hilarious plugging (and chugging) of Slovenia vodka, and a conclusion fit for the legend.  Bill took to the streets to take up America's cause to keep Dave where he is.

It was everything you could have wanted in a goodbye from Bill God Damned Murray.  And tonight we all get to say goodbye to Dave.  Don't miss the end of an era.

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