Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All You Need Is 6 Minutes To See Every Arnold Highlight

Snippets from almost all his films, replayed by the man himself. He’s only helped by some stock footage, silly props, and The Late Late Show’s host James Corden.

Oh you already know this one...

Looks like the new late television show host has finally arrived, he has his own awesome viral video.

From Conan to Escape Plan, most of his stuff (even Pumping Iron) is there, and he still got it! Although, I must admit, I was sorry that the obvious best Arnold one liner (from Commando, the Valhalla of one-liners) was not included.  (Don't worry though, it was added below by your beloved author) The only sad thing here is to realize he’s gotten so old over the years. Happens to all of us. Even the god damned Terminator.

Check it out:

Maybe he's getting old, still jacked though.

As for the aforementioned criminal omission:

Get fucked Bennett.

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