Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tortoise Becomes Rad Animal Hybrid Thanks To An Accident

After losing her legs in a tragic rat attack, a Welsh tortoise was transformed into a living math book doodle this month thanks to a set of prosthetic wheels that are fly as hell, the BBC dopely reports.

“She can get a good speed up,” Mrs. T’s owner Jude Ryder told the broadcaster, “much faster than before,” which is, like, so goddamn slick.

According to Ryder’s son Dale, Mrs. T is about 90 years old, making her both the freshest and the oldest skateboard-reptile hybrid in the world.

Now somebody get to work on making a stylish pair of tiny sunglasses, and paint the words "Too Radical" on her shell and we will really have something.

Bet that fucking rat is jealous.  It should be.

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