Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Remember That Today Is April First

Ah, it's that day of the year again.  That special time in the month without many other holidays, where you can wake up fresh and hurt the ones you love under the guise of the date.

April Fools is here.

Did you know that April Fools Day was invented by Franklin Roosevelt as a way for the Depression crushed United States to have some good clean fun during a time of woe?

It totally wasn't.  I just made that all up.  And you fell for it didn't you?

Come on, you gotta be better than that today!  If someone tells you you're fired, make sure to see that pinkslip before you pack up your desk! Don't drink or eat anything handed to you.  Remember that you always wore a condom, and thus could most likely not have impregnated anyone.  Actually, just get rid of any friends who would do stuff like this to you.

Really?! What a good idea!

Also, don't believe anything you read online today.  Even this article.  Right now.

Anyways, here is the best joke from the world of the Internet.

Google wins again, because today you can play Pac-Man on Google Maps.

Google yet again supplied an excellent April Fools' Day prank this year. Simply press the "Pac-Man" button on Google Maps and play a game of Pac-Man on the street outside your home or workplace. 

Productivity probably is going to take a big hit today.
Trust no one.

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