Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Obama Thanks Japan For Anime And Becomes Cool President

Say what you will about President Obama, but there might just never be another president that is as with the times as him.  Case in motherfucking point coming right up:

Do you think Jeb Bush could tell you what an otaku is?  Or how many Sailor Scouts there are? I would bet money that John McCain thinks an emoji is some sort of Taiwanese export.

What anime could you see Obama watching? Kill la Kill? Sailor Moon? Swimming Anime?
I bet he loves Cowboy Bebop. “Spike is my dude,” - Obama (probably.)

The reason that I’m speculating about this is because Mashable has a clip of President Obama thanking Japan for things he thinks young people are fond of—like emoji. Hilarious!

I’m glad Obama said this. Now you nerds can all tell people to lay off whenever they make fun of your body pillows. “Obama’s got my back,” you’ll say. That’ll show em.

Then I’ll pull this.

Thanks Obama.  You are truly the Cool President.

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