Sunday, April 26, 2015

FUNDAY: Waka For Prez

Did you have a Bryan Price kind of week?

Well don't sweat it ladies and gentlemen, because Funday is here to cheer you up.

Whether it's your favorite rapper running for president, or your former favorite actor coming back to his prime.  We have it all, and it's all here.

So enjoy yourself, you have earned it.


Dr. Yen Lo

There is one word for this one: Heavy.  As if the NYC spitter rapping over a John Carpenter-like beat while being hypnotized didn't already convey that.


Is there ever a music video where the band tears apart a house that isn't good?  No, no there is not.  Oh, and the song rules too.

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

You know how you are doing your power-punk band right?  If your music videos are more than half of their length composed of a skit, and you still have time to fit a song in the back third.  That's how you know.  Ed Schrader's Music Beat is doing it right.

Yelawolf f/Eminem

I really want Yelawolf to succeed.  He is like a Bubba Sparxxx for the new millennium.  A rapper form Alabama who can really rap, and makes music that is often true to his unique roots while still being able to be really incredible on a straight rap vibe.  Go buy his album would you?

Killer Mike

Nothing in this world better than one half of Run The Jewels sharing Woooos! with the Diamond Ring Wearing, Limousine Riding God Ric Flair.  Seriously.


Waka For President

Waka Flocka Flame, everybody's favorite rapper who says he isn't a rapper, is running for president.  His platforms?  Well, weed is involved.  Also, he has some good points, like why can't the Prez just wear a tank top and some flip flops to the cabinet meetings.  One thing is for sure though, Hillary is his only competition.

Black Mass Trailer

Well hello Johnny Depp from 20 years ago!  You seemed to somehow remember that you could be a really great method actor, and didn't need to be in shit like pretty much every movie you have made in the last decade.  The man who inspired the mother fucking Departed is getting his own biopic, and boy does it look furious.  Whitey Bulger lived an unbelievable life of violence, and now we get to re-live it through Black Mass.  Cannot wait.

9 Tips To Save Your Life

Get off that ass for one.

Nostalgic for Nostalgia

Let's all take a trip back and remember the times when we used to remember the old times.


See you next week you rascals.

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