Sunday, April 19, 2015

FUNDAY: That's Too Many Bees

Did you have a bad week?  Were things not going your way?  Enjoying that much needed weekend?

You know Funday guys and gals, things could always be worse.  You could be tasked with delivering millions of bees via truck, and then this happens:

So...about the bees...they're everywhere now.

So keep that head up.  And make sure if someone needs you to transport their bees, just say no thank you.

Let's get into it shall we?


John Carpenter 

If you are a person that's cool, you would now that Tha God John Carpenter has been scoring the awesome movies he's made for decades now.  Finally though, he has decided to just make an album.  Surprise, it's awesome too.

Ty Dolla $ign f/ Charli XCX & Tinashe

The resident R&B, pussy, and music video killer Ty Dolla has come at your face with probably his most pop attempt (and thusly least explicit, which is a shame) song yet.  It not only features my future wife Charli, but the other most delightful R&B singer out there who can cut a rug: that would be Ms. Tinashe.  If all that isn't enough for you then know this: it also features dancers with VERY fluffy cat heads in place of their regular ones.  I know, you're sold.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop is by now music royalty, and damn if every time he puts out a new song it doesn't make me happy.  This time he has chosen to employ his Doggfather/pimp persona for a pitch perfect grindhouse movie tribute. There isn't a person alive who lived through the 90's that doesn't enjoy this Snoop.  It also features the other Snoop, you know, the one from The Wire, so that's awesome as well.

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

This is just plain delightful.  Chance is the kind of guy who makes you happy that you love music.

Brand New

I am currently playing a recently released Mortal Kombat game, and there is a brand new Brand New (kill me) song out.  What year is it?!


Dope Trailer

There is just no way this movie isn't good.

Batman V Superman Trailer

There should be no way this movie isn't good.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

There cannot be a way where this movie isn't good. (It has been a good week for movie trailers)

Star Wars: Battlefront

This week was the annual Star Wars Celebration, and given that we have new Star Wars movies on the way it seemed a fitting spot for the premiere Star Wars video game to make an appearance.  Things, as you will see below, went over well.

Sizzler 1991 Promo

Sizzler is life.  Sizzler is America.  Do you see now where we went oh so wrong?!


See you next week.

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