Tuesday, April 28, 2015

AOTW: So Dumb He Got Kicked Out of Kindergarten

Welcome back to the Asshole of The Week, where every Friday (and sometimes Tuesday) we single out one person, place, or thing's story from the week that just is the absolute worst. This week, we just cannot wait until Friday with one man's jingoistic idiocy. A man so stupid, and assholish, that he gets himself kicked out of a children's performance venue. A venue for a kindergarten concert.


What’s the best venue for your self-righteous, nativist ravings? If you answered “my 6-year-old’s school concert, of course,” then congratulations, fuckwit, everyone hates you.

On Thursday, just such a fuckwit was booted from a kindergarten performance in Perry, Iowa after loudly chanting, “English only, USA!” when the event’s Spanish interpreter began to speak. The audience’s reaction, which you can watch above, was immediate and unanimous.

“Uggggggh,” agreed everybody as school staff hauled the dope away.

“‘Murrrica!” one concertgoer added.


There are still people out there like this.  And they are still so fucking stupid that they cannot realize that an interpreter for the people in the audience who speak Spanish is there for that.

Let's all hope that whoever this man is, he isn't a father, merely some relative of a child whose unfortunate future we should all weep for.

Anyway man who remains a nameless piece of idiotic shit, congratulations because you are easily the Asshole of The Week.  Fuck yourself very much.

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