Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Amy Schumer's Sketch About Rapist Football Players Was Perfect

Amy Schumer's excellent Inside Amy Schumer is back for a second season, and she is already hitting the ground running jokes-wise.

The joke here doesn’t need to be deeply explained, does it? The show pulled off a clever Friday Night Lights parody last night in which the archetypal conflict between coach and town involved allowing the high school football players to rape. The laughs don’t come at the expense of the victims, which is why this is really, really funny, even if there’s a hint of sad reality in it.

Killing it.

It's great, funny, and just the right bit of controversial to make you think about serious things after you laugh.  So in other words, pretty much perfect comedy.  

Check it out:

My favorite part, where she drinks from the glass then does the dance that the wife from the real FNL does.  Pitch perfect.

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